Two clubs in SHS help students come out of their shell

Caitlyn Kriner, Social Media Manager

     In the school there are several clubs or organizations that do not get as much recognition as some of the others. A couple major clubs are the SHS Dance Team and Pride Alliance, both are groups that help break students out of their shell and have fun.

     The SHS Dance Team is coached by english teacher Jessica Walpole and assisted by english teacher Heather Todero. Recently the dance team won first place on the midwest regionals which is a competition where people from all over the United States are involved.

     Walpole spends a vast majority of her time listening to music and coming up with dances with the head coaches junior Gina Pagen and senior Precious Kioni. Usually the team tries to stay in the know with popular new music and dances. The team as a whole practices about two times a week for home events and five times a week for away events.

    According to several dancers being a part of the dance has led them to make a lot of new friendships and started a close bond with the coaches. Walpole says for the students she believes being a part of the dance team really breaks students out of their shell and welcomes them into a new environment.

    Similar to the Dance Team, Pride Alliance is another club at SHS  that helps makes kids more comfortable with who they are. Pride Alliance is a group led by english teachers Erin Ancelet, Sara Kohne and math teacher Tim Case. Kohne says it is a group where any students LGBT, straight or even transgender can come together and have support. hey are able to talk about problems or concerns.

    “Its main purpose is to make sure students at SHS know they are welcome here, and that if they are experiencing any issues due to their orientation that there is a group that supports them of both student and staff members.” Ancelet said.  “They can come and talk about issues or problems and come up with solutions and talk about things they may be passionate about or care about.”