Review: Be excited for ‘Bee Coffee’

Rae Updike , Reporter

Ever since I went to the journalism convention in November, I have been dying to go back to the little coffee shop on 201 S. Capitol Ave, Bee Coffee Roasters. The establishment has been around since 2006, but became “Bee Coffee Roasters” in 2012 when BJ Davis joined with Andy Gilman. The two since have been on a mission to find ways to make the best tasting coffee.

Walking into the second location in Lafayette (5510 Lafayette Rd), I got a relaxed, classic coffee shop vibe. On the right when walking in, there was a table with shelves showcasing all the coffee and goods the shop offered to customers to buy. On the walls there was artwork and bee signs such as a “BEE CROSSING” sign that looked like it’d be found on the road. Inside there were two couches and multiple armchairs, as well as a wooden table with about eight wooden chairs surrounding it. On the back wall behind the counter there was a giant chalkboard with the entire menu and cute embellishments such as drawings of bees and swirls. The counter was covered in the coffee making tools and machines with open spots to order and then receive your order. I ordered the salted carmel latte for an even $4. For me, a person not being able to handle strong coffee, the light and creamy flavor was perfect. The foam on top was beautifully designed like that of a leaf and it was the perfect balance between warm and hot.

Of course I sat down at one of the couches  thinking about all the shop had to offer.  One of the specialty drinks, called  Dr Tim, was is specially made for people watching their carb load. Serenity, their most popular cappuccino, is a coffee with lavender syrup and honey.

The second drink I ordered was a frozen mocha. It was similar to a McDonald’s frappuccino, but it was much more rich and thick. It was truly one of the tastiest drinks I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.

“We roast everything in house,” Gilman said. “I consider us a nano roaster, where you roast five pounds at a time.”

Not only does Bee Coffee Roasters make all their coffee from freshly ground coffee beans, but all the beans they sell are kept on the shelves for less than a month. They make sure that all their coffee is fresh as a Bee Coffee Roasters guarantee.