News Briefs: Indy homicide rate slows

David Worland, Reporter

According to recent statistics compiled by RTV6 and released by The Indy Channel, Indianapolis had the lowest overall increase in homicides compared to other cities with a similar population to Indianapolis. Austin, Texas, however saw the highest increase with a 20 percent increase.

This originated when the former IMPD chief, Troy Riggs, said that Indianapolis’ total homicide rate would reach between 160-180 during 2016. However, after testing Riggs’ claims, this turned out to not be true.

Although Indianapolis saw the lowest increase, it still had the most homicides out of the whole group it was placed with which included Jacksonville, Florida with 120 homicides, Columbus, Ohio with 106 homicides, Fort Worth, Texas  which ranged between 40-80 homicides, San Francisco, California which also ranged between 40-80, Charlotte, North Carolina which again ranged between 40-80 homicides. Austin, Texas had 39 homicides.

Although Austin saw the largest increase in homicides, it remained with fewer homicides out of the group with 39. Since the start of 2017, IMPD has reported that five total homicides have occurred. Three of the five are believed to be criminal acts. This does show improvement compared to 2016, when at this point of the year in 2016, there were seven total homicides, and six were believed to be criminal acts.