Club at SHS helps strengthen relationships


Photo contributed by Joe Snyder

Members and friends of Young Life pose after playing a game of soccer at the Gathering Place on Jan. 16.

Melissa Bushong, Reporter

SHS has multiple teams and clubs to help bring students together with common interest and hobbies, one being Young Life. This is a club for high school students to learn more about Christianity while having the opportunity to have fun and meet new people, according to Young Life director Joe Snyder.

According to Snyder the club is an outreach program for high school students to introduce and grow in their Christian faith, which has helped many students all over the world, such as junior Jonathan Kile.

“(Young Life) has helped me a lot because it has helped me grow my faith in God and to know more about Jesus,” Kile said.

Kile says Snyder has been there for him and has helped him a lot, although he is still new to the program. Both also say there are many fun opportunities for them as a group.

These include pizza parties and a Young Life camp, which is held in Michigan at Timberwolf Lake over the  summer. The camp allows  participants to meet new people while learning more about Christianity and practicing their faith.

Young Life is open for anybody and everybody who is willing to join and is continually growing as an association since it was founded 1931. It is a very helpful experience to everybody in the program by just showing them that they not only have God but other people who are there for them as well, according to Snyder.

“(Young life) is very intentionally welcoming to all kids, and we want it to be a place where kids can feel like they can belong and where they can be themselves,” Snyder said. “I love seeing kids come alive when they realize how much they are loved by God and that someone cares about them. To see a kid who feels like they don’t have any hope have someone tell them that there is hope is really powerful, and I love that about my job.”