Administrator awards for perfect attendance

Alyssa Clark, Reporter

Sophomore Sophia Shook was sitting in Sara Kohne’s third period class when suddenly, her class was interrupted by a knock on the door. Assistant Principal A.J. Martzall walks in with a box of doughnuts and hope for a class full of students. Unfortunately, Martzall had to break the news to the class that they were not able to enjoy the doughnuts because not everyone was present.

“When our class couldn’t have doughnuts, I was depressed,” Shook said.

Ever since winter break, Martzall has ordered a couple dozen doughnuts on Fridays for classrooms with perfect attendance, hoping to improve student’s attendance.

According to Martzall, he and the attendance committee wanted to offer rewards for coming to school, rather than consequences. They wanted to associate school with something positive, hoping students would be more willing to come to school.

“There’s a direct correlation,” Martzall said. “If you’re here, you have a better chance of learning than if you’re not here.”

Martzell says that this incentive has gotten very popular and has even had students e-mail him about their classes perfect attendance.

“I hope it lets kids know that we appreciate that they come to school,” Martzall said.

He has been trying to expand his idea by also offering chips instead of doughnuts during some blocks. Martzall is open to take suggestions on any other kind of food that students want. Although many students request money, he is unable to do so.

“If it’s (the idea) not crazy, we’ll do it,” Martzall said.