Knight brings new challenges to SHS

Alyssa Clark, Reporter

Sitting at his desk on a Friday morning, SHS principal Brian Knight types away at an email to be sent out to all staff. This email contains a positive message along with a challenge for the day.

Two years ago, Knight started a new tradition in the Southport Community, and that is the “Grateful Friday Challenge.”

“I think it’s a way to celebrate what we do and have a little fun,” Knight said.

Some challenges have been High-Five Friday, the Celebration Challenge and the Post-it Positivity. Science teacher Mark Duncan says that his favorite challenge so far is the High-Five Friday.

Ever since the first Friday of the school year, Duncan says that he has been inspired to greet his students daily. He usually gives them handshakes, pat on the backs and high fives.

Last year, Knight was the principal at SMS, and that’s where it all started. It was during the winter of the 2014-15 school year when Knight came up with an idea to spread positivity throughout the staff.

His idea had gotten so widespread throughout the school that a couple of years ago, the walls of SMS were cluttered with post-it notes, both from staff and students. It had gotten so well-known that RTV6 wrote a news article about it in August of 2015.

Knight says that he’s glad that it has gotten more popular during this school year and hopes to also expand it so the students can participate as well. He believes that spreading positivity is a key factor in building a community.

“Our attitude is a huge factor in how effective we are in our jobs,” Knight said. “Positive teachers are better teachers.”

This idea has influenced SMS teacher Matt Bush and Knight’s wife, Nikki Knight. They both do a Friday Celebration, in honor of Knight’s original idea.

“I enjoy doing it and (also enjoy) watching other teachers do it,” Knight said.