Alle Musser


Alex Green, Reporter

Name: Alle Musser

Grade: 12th

Position: Middle Hitter

Years played: 6 years


Q: Why did you start playing?

A: “Everyone asked if I played because I was tall.  Afterword, I eventually started playing.”


Q: What is it like to be playing the same teammates that you have been since 7th grade?

A: “We know each others strengths and weaknesses.  We also know what works and does not work on the the court.”


Q: What is your favorite memory of being on the team?

A: “Beating Pike last year. We have always struggled against them.  We now know what we are capable of.”


Q: When the season is over, what is the one thing you will miss the most?

A: “Seeing the girls, playing with the girls and just being a family.”