Nicole Bixler


Alex Green, Reporter

Name Nicole Bixler

Grade: 12th

Position: Outside Hitter

Years played: 7-8 years


Q: Why did you start playing?

A: “My sister played so I thought I would try it out.”


Q: What has it been like to play with the same teammates you have been since 7th grade?

A: “We are better connected so we play better.  We know how each other will play so during games we are in sync.”


Q: What is it like to be team captain?

A: “It’s stressful at times.  If I mess up I still have to stay positive and I must keep others positive too. I have to put the team before me as well.”


Q: What is your favorite memory from being on the team?

A: “Almost winning the championship a few weeks ago.”


Q: When the season is over, what is the one thing you miss the most?

A: “My teammates and not playing with them anymore.”