Lacrossing over new obstacles


Madelyn Knight

Junior Dayton Fries cradles the ball as he runs down the field on Friday, May 5 against the Roncalli Rebels.

Hannah Garrett, Reporter




The SHS lacrosse team hasn’t had a winning season in the past  few years, with records of 0-14 in the 2015 season and 5-7 in the 2016 season. But, this year they have had a turn around with a better record of 5-6.

According to coach Thomas Wright, the team has improved their offense by creating more opportunities to score, and many of the players have worked hard to step up and meet

Wright’s expectations.

“I’ve brought sort of a different philosophy to our offense,” Wright said. “In the years past, we generally had one or two really strong players. We’ve gone to more of a team based assisting offense, so we have five players on the field that are capable of scoring instead of just one or two.”

They are now running a motion offense that allows them to feed the balls to various shooters at various spots on the field. This allows them to have more opportunities when it comes to scoring goals.

According to Wright, not only have they improved their record and the way they play the game, but the team chemistry has improved as well. With individual passion of different players, the team has been able to mold into a better group.

“A lot of them, especially the seniors, just have a great love for the game,” Wright said. “They’ve really sort of brought a desire to encourage everyone to practice more and everyone to be more focused.”

One of the Seniors that Wright thinks is very encouraging is team captain Jason Lee. He comes alongside new players and helps them out but can also be hard on them when he needs to be. Lee agrees with Wright that the team has really improved communication by talking on the field more than they have in the past.

According to Lee their fast break, along with better ball movement on offense has improved due to the players being better at ball handling. Lee is very proud of his team and where they have come, he hopes their success grows throughout the rest of the season.

“I hate losing, and this year we have beaten teams that have killed us in the past. It feels good as a senior to see the program thriving,” Lee said.