Students required to have IDs

New importance of student identification at SHS

Emma Sprague, Reporter

SHS has experienced many changes throughout the years. This year students are required to follow a new policy which requires students to have their student ID’s on them at all times.

Success coach T-Jay Lovejoy explained the reasoning behind the importance of the ID’s. The ID’s are needed for students to receive certain information, for example they need ID’s to obtain a chromebook. The student ID’s may also help to solve the issues with people trying to leave the school when they are not supposed to. This new rule also can help prevent accidents. The policy may help keep unwanted visitors out of the school and help keep the student body and staff safe.

“Everyone needs to have (their student ID),” Lovejoy said.

Students are “required” to adjust to this new rule.  Junior Joshua Lane says he thinks some students may have trouble with this transition. However, some students were given lanyards specifically for their student IDs. This was done to help students remember their ID and keep track of it.

“I’m not worried,” Lane said, “you can just have them around your neck with the lanyard.”

Senior Derrion Jacks agrees with Lane that the lanyards are helpful with the adjustment. Jacks believes that there are pros and cons to this new system. The pro he mentioned was that the new rule will help keep unwanted guests out of the building. On the other hand, he says if someone forgets their ID one day they will most likely not be able to leave the school.  

“It’s kind of messed up that they can’t leave if they don’t have (their student ID) on them,”Jacks said.