Southport’s “Untamed Pride”


Madelyn Knight

Senior and booster club officer Seejay Patel speaks through the microphone to the student audience at the year’s first pep session.

Emma Wiese, Reporter

Every iPass, in a small room at the end of the science hallway, the Booster Club meets in their own personal room. If someone walked by, they would hear faint music through the door. If someone walked in, they would see the six members of this year’s Booster Club hashing out the details on their plans for this year at SHS.

“We pretty much, every iPass, go there just to chill out and also talk about ideas and stuff,” senior Booster Club officer Josh Campbell said.

The Booster Club has been hard at work since before school came into session planning the upcoming  events of the school year. The Booster Club plans pep sessions along with spirit events, such as homecoming and spirit weeks. They have also spread the news of the chosen Booster Club theme for the year, “Untamed Pride.”

“Untamed pride basically means, you know how animals, like a tiger, (are) tamed by a certain person?” Booster Club officer Dallas Matlock said. “Well, we are basically trying to un-tame them. Unleash the beast, basically. We’re unleashing us and showing our power and what we can do.”

The Booster Club officers have begun to put their words into action. Since the first day back, they have advertised their new shirts. They have also put much thought into what they want to achieve this year.

“It’s gonna be a lot of fun,” senior Booster Club Officer Emily Chambers said. “We have a lot of new themes for games and stuff. There’s gonna be a lot of Booster Club members at games that aren’t just football or basketball. There’s gonna be fun pep sessions. There’s gonna be a pre-parade party for homecoming, that’s something we haven’t done in a lot of years. And just a lot of new stuff.”

The Booster Club plans on attending as many events as they can and making a splash. They want to emphasize the importance of supporting all of the sports teams, not only the biggest ones. They also want to emphasize the importance of pride for students at SHS.

“A lot of people have pride and love for this school, they just don’t show it,” Chambers said. “So, I feel like having that theme and showing people, ‘yo, it’s okay to love your school,’ will help.”

The first pep session of the year will be on Aug. 18, where this Booster Club’s “untamed pride” will be on display.