Indy Treasures: Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Shop


Rae Updike

Inside of Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Shop.

Rae Updike, Reporter

Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company in Fountain Square is exactly what a person would think of when it comes to a classic coffee shop. The entire store immediately gives off a hipster vibe when entered, as well as a calming environment to sip on a cup of coffee.

What makes this coffee shop unique from others is that it is a non-for-profit organization, meaning that every purchase supports several local community organizations.

Walking in the glass doors, the outside light becomes backlighting to the shop itself, which is dimly lit, allowing the sunroof and entrance to do all the work. The elongated room travels forward, lined by dozens of seats on the left and the counter on the right where one orders their items. There are three bookshelves, two harbor a multitude of books and the other crafts made by the community displayed for purchase, including leather journals, cloth bags, wooden pipes, pottery mugs and bowls as well as various cards featuring Indiana-based pictures. On the left wall, there’s art also made by the community on display and for sale.

Going up to order, the menu is behind the counter on three different chalk boards. The menu goes from coffees to teas to pastries and snacks. Between myself and the friendly barista, there was a glass bowl for tips and a sign for where the tips would be going; it was filled to the brim for the Indiana Parks Foundation.

I shortly ordered myself a blended iced coffee mocha with caramel syrup, which didn’t seem to contain a large amount of coffee, because it was very sweet, but I definitely got the coffee aftertaste. This would be a perfect drink with someone who isn’t in love with coffee who also has a sweet tooth. I sat down in the back of the shop in a cushioned chair where I got a view of the posters hung to the wall of the counter. The posters were all advertising local activities and community gatherings, such as community pilates, a farmers market and a grand opening of a local store.

Overall this little shop would be a solid return-to place for me. The experience was only enhanced when I was exposed to the shop having its own snapchat geofilter. I’d give the overall shop a 9/10 only because finding somewhere to park was not only difficult but seemingly impossible without breaking a law, it was a 10/10 experience.