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Thian Awi
Hi! My name is Thian Awi, and I am a senior this year. This is my second year of being on The Journal, and I am the Foreign Language Editor. I am originally from Myanmar, and this year marks a decade of me living in America. I speak in the Falam dialect of the Chin language. Some of the things I enjoy include reading, surfing the web, watching YouTube videos and cooking. Although I do enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating even more. My favorite dishes include sushi, ramen noodles, rice, pizza, salad and fried rice. I do not enjoy going on runs. However, I force myself to run because it’s a great way to be in shape and be more healthy. In school, social studies is my favorite subject because I get to learn about history and other cultures. I think that learning about history and other cultures will help me be less ignorant about other cultures and social issues.

Thian Awi, Foreign Language Editor

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Thian Awi