Creating a culture

Students and teacher organize an event to increase positivity and make new friends



Students put up flyers for the Mix-it-up event. The event aims to help create a friendly environment and promote anti-bullying

According to, between one in three and one in four students have reported being bullied in school. Bullying can also emotionally damage a person if it’s taken too far and the bullied students can develop anxiety and depression. Bullying is an issue that SHS has recently proposed solutions to.  

On Nov. 19 during lunch, Mix-It-Up day will take place in an effort to reduce bullying and to make sure that students at SHS don’t feel alone. 

Mix-It-Up day was started by an organization called Teaching Tolerance and it’s an event where students can sit with other people in the cafeteria and get to know them. EL teacher Lisa Stanley is sponsoring the event.

“The goal of this day is to reduce bullying, making sure everyone feels included and maybe make new friends,” Stanley said. “(The goal is) also to try and get students out of the same friend groups that they’re in.” 

Despite the fact that Stanley is the sponsor, students of SHS have been a key to making this day happen. Students were given the opportunity to lead the event and many signed up. Stanley says that the students are the ones doing most of the work.

“There is a lot of students doing all the work for this,” Stanley said. “They put together a bunch of flyers, there are people going around during lunch and handing out little flyers and they’re putting out posters to invite people.”

Stanley hopes that a lot of students cooperate on Nov. 19 and that this day keeps up the positivity of SHS and even strengthen it. 

“It would just add to the positive culture here,” Stanley said, “Everybody seems very positive here, but I can also see some students might seem lonely so maybe it could help increase that positivity.”