Coffee House confusion settled

Annual theater event to happen with changes from the normal format


Sofia Patrone

Senior Sadé Johnson sings a remix of Beyoncé’s song “If I Were a Boy” at last spring’s Coffee House. This year, Coffee House will still happen, but with modifications.

Alyssa Clark, Entertainment editor

Due to theater teacher Barb Whitlock’s absence for the past two weeks, Coffee House, which serves as a fundraiser for the department, was originally going to be cancelled. However, according to band teacher David Copeland, Coffee House will happen this year on Sept. 7, with a few differences.

There has been some confusion regarding the status of Coffee House, but since junior Aubrey Popovic and principal Brian Knight’s meeting this morning, Copeland has confirmed that auditions are still happening on Aug. 30.

It was originally cancelled because no one at SHS had an OSHA Certification, therefore the technical theater classes couldn’t continue building the stage that the audience sits on. To solve that problem, the audience will sit in the seats like any other production instead of extending the stage.

Another big difference is that Coffee House will be run by many teachers and students who have volunteered their time such as psychology teacher Joseph Leonard, music teacher Cody Wakefield, senior Zach Smith, Popovic and Copeland. Also, no food will be provided according to Copeland.

“We kind of revamped Coffee House,” Copeland said. “It’s more like a talent show.”