New and improved SHS field house


Madelyn Knight

The SHS field house after renovations this summer.

Justin Chambers, Reporter

Six jumbo screens, a brand new basketball floor and a newly renovated gym may seem like a lot, but all of these items found their way into the SHS fieldhouse over summer break.

With all of the renovations being done, the gymnasium was closed the entire summer. The floor has not been completely changed. It is still very similar to what they were before the renovations happened.

With all of the new changes, the fieldhouse reopened on Monday, Aug. 14 during first period. The previous floor had the same red and white wooden court for 25 years, but now the school gets a new basketball court, according to athletic director Pete Hubert. The newest addition, the 6 jumbotron screens, was a collective idea from multiple people in administration to look to expand on the visions of the fieldhouse.

“It is a great new piece of equipment that makes the fieldhouse standout.” Hubert said. ”It was the missing piece to the fieldhouse, now there is no difference when you walk into Southport Fieldhouse versus walking into Bankers Life, and that’s what we are trying to do.”

With all of the new screens being put in, they needed to have something to play on them, so there’s a new media class put in place for people to make videos to show during games. The teacher of that class is Sara Berghoff. She also is in charge of SPTV, and when administrators came to ask her if she would be in charge of the mass media class, Berghoff gladly said yes.

“The main idea is to get student made presentations and to get their voice out there,” Berghoff said. “ It is also a great opportunity for students who want to take that career path to get started.”