Marching Cards rock the school


Photos by Madelyn Knight and Logan Flake

Juniors Sax O’Phone, Mary Imba, and Eupho Nium perform with the rest of the Marching Cards as the student section cheers them on. The students proceeded to swarm the field and storm after the band as they were leaving.

Emma Sprague, Reporter

Walking through the 400s hallway at SHS, students can hear many sounds, including talking, laughing, the occasional screaming and music playing. Marching band is the source behind this music.

In the past, many members of the student body have dismissed the melodies the bands have been making. Now, the majority of students appreciate it and in fact yearn to hear.

According to a student poll that was conducted, the marching band is the pride and joy of the school. They are responsible for most of the school’s publicity and school spirit. Students are spending their free time listening to the band’s music. They are continuously asking for passes so they can be “enlightened by the glorious ear candy.”

Large crowds are constantly being formed outside the music department. This is causing band teacher Ludwig van Sikowitz “major stress.”

“There’s so many people,” Sikowitz said. “The band isn’t ready for this kind of publicity. They’re amazing but there’s room for improvement. ‘Major Stress in G Major’ is the title of the next piece we’re performing.”

Students at SHS focus on marching band more than anything. This is causing some anger among students outside the music department. As the marching band practices, delight fills the air, but as the football team plays “there’s nothing but despair,” according to quarterback, and self proclaimed poet, Bob Depp. Depp believes that groups at SHS should share the glory equally.

“The football team works really hard,” Depp said. “Honestly, I think any and every club deserves at least
some recognition.”

The Marching Cardinals are competing in competitions every Saturday throughout the month of September. As it can be expected, they will have nothing but support from the student body. They also perform at home football games. Football players are beginning to notice the lack of recognition they are receiving. According to Booster Club member Wavy Gravy, students only attend football games to support the band. Cheers can be heard throughout the performance but they are silenced as soon as the football game begins. Touchdowns remain silent.

“The football game is boring and it’s not as cool as the band,” Gravy said. “The band is the pride and joy of the school.”

There are T-shirts available in the bookstore to help promote the marching band’s performances. These T-Shirts in particular are currently outselling any other clothing item that has ever been sold at the bookstore, including the backyard bash T-shirts and the boys basketball shirts from 2015.

Junior Eupho Nium has become somewhat of a celebrity at SHS. Students flock to the 400s to see him perform his baritone. He is also known for being extremely punny. One of his most notable quotes “How do you communicate with a section of baritones? Eu-phon-i-um.” This line is currently being put on T-shirts and will be sold in the bookstore. These T-shirts are also expected to pass up the football T-shirts sales due to his popularity.