Best picks on Netflix

Alyssa Clark, Entertainment editor

Love to watch drama?

13 reasons why

I would recommend reading the book first, but this show does a great job of portraying the book. This show covers a lot of tough topics, so watch at your own discretion.

Gossip girl

This TV show is very cliche, yet I was still strangely addicted to it. The characters are all very similar – rich, white, and spoiled, so be prepared for a lot of scandals.


Obsessed with the supernatural?

The vampire diaries

Definitely my favorite TV show, as the actors are amazing, and the storyline is intriguing with a lot of plot-twists to keep you on your feet. The soundtrack is a killer, too.

Stranger things

Even though there’s only two seasons, this show had me hooked from the beginning. There’s a lot of conspiracy theories involved with this one, so watch if you’re into that.


Can’t get enough of crime shows?

Criminal minds- I love this show so much because the criminal cases are engaging and suspenseful. Even better, the actors are talented and their characters are intriguing.

Making a murderer- I usually don’t watch documentaries, but this one was very interesting. I loved learning about the psychological aspect of murderers.


Want to travel back to the 90s?


Although I could never finish the entire series because there’s 10 seasons, this show offers a nice balance of romance and comedy. No matter your age/personality, you’re bound to love this show.

Fuller house

Not going to lie, the original Full House was better than this one, but it’s still a really great show and offers the same feelings from its prequel This would be perfect to watch with your family.