Passing period prosecutions

Cops revving up student discipline, justified or not


Madelyn Knight

Juniors Makayla Crawford (middle) and Regina Phalange (right) are confronted by Officer Harold McKinley (left) during a passing period. “Tell me why this cop asked for my license and registration,” Crawford said.

Hailey Boger, Staff Artist


On her way to third period, junior Makayla Crawford was surprised when she was stopped by one of the school’s police officers. She and several other students were taken to student services for reasons unexplained by the officer.

“I was really scared, but I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Crawford said. “I was just walking to class.”

The officer sat the students down and asked if they realized what they’d done. He then proceeded to tell them that they had been skipping class.

“None of us really knew what to say,” Crawford said. “We didn’t really want to say that it was passing period.”

School officers have become an increasing nuisance among students for cracking on crime that doesn’t exist or isn’t possible. Passing period is the most popular time for the officers to strike. Crawford, who has now been tardy to class several times because of the officers, is one such victim.

“Maybe they’re just bored and need something to hassle people about,” Crawford said. “Regardless, it’s really starting to get on my nerves.”

When questioned about their passing period raid, Officer Harold McKinley responded with a chuckle.

“I just think the hallways are too crowded, and we want to keep students safe,” McKinley said. “Plus it’s fun to see them try to run away like chickens.”

Sophomore Anthony Pellis also had an unfortunate run-in with Officer McKinley when he was actually tardy to class.

“I was already in class, but Officer McKinley came in and put me in handcuffs,” Pellis said. “All because I was 30 seconds late.”

Pellis was then put in ‘the pokey,’ which was just a day he had to spend filing Officer McKinley’s paperwork.

“Being late to class is a threat to school safety,” McKinley said. “With these hooligans out of the way, the school is safe another day. That’s a rhyme I’m working on.”