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Hailey Boger
Hey, I’m Hailey, staff artist and senior at SHS. I love art and drawing, if you can’t tell, and I wish to study animation and sequential art after high school. I’m also a member of Premium Blend, the top choir at SHS. I’m very involved in the theatre department as well. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time playing rhythm games and messing around on my computer. Since I love art, I also watch a lot of cartoons, but don’t ask me if I’ve seen any movies because I probably haven’t. I love listening to music and podcasts, so you’ll probably see me around wearing my headphones. I’m kind of quiet and shy, but once you get to know me I like to joke around and have a good time. I’m excited to be on staff again and look forward to a great year!

Hailey Boger , Staff artist

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Hailey Boger