Tea With A Princess (Gallery)


Noah Thomas

Senior Brendan Coomler waltzes with a girl that’s dressed as the Disney character Peter Pan during Tea With a Princess on Sunday Feb. 4. Coomler played the role of Peter Pan as well.

Meeting princes and princesses, enjoying snacks and drinks, dancing and having fun are all what goes on at SHS’s “Tea with a Princess.”

“‘Tea with a Princess’ is just a fun time to spend with the kids of the community,” sophomore Caitlin Lindbeck said. “And, it’s a fun way for us theater kids to dress up like someone else and hang out with these kids.”

The SHS theater department has “Tea with a Princess” every year as a way to raise money, but that is not their only goal. This specific event is designed so they can effectively raise the money they need while being able to reach out and have fun with kids in the community.

The event is mostly ran by SHS students who volunteer to dress up like princes and princesses and serve the children who come. At the event, the students greet the children, serve them snacks and drinks and talk and have fun with them. Then, before the event ends, students sign little booklets for kids so the kids can remember the day they met their favorite prince or princess.

“It’s a really fun thing,” senior Austin Lundsford said. “It’s not as serious as our normal shows, and it’s fun to interact with kids. We really do it just to brighten the children’s day.”

The proceeds from the event then go towards helping fund the theater department. They money helps purchase props, costumes, set pieces, building materials, and rights to shows they perform. So, while the event is mostly a way for the students in the theater to interact with the kids, it also serves a purpose of helping to support their other shows and events.

“The main purpose of ‘Tea with a Princess’ is just to help the theater kids be different people, and to just have to fun with the little kids,” Lindbeck said.