Snapchat is going downhill

Rae Updike, Social Media Manager


Snapchat, the fastest way to share a moment, has had a great uprising in our culture easily becoming one of the most used social medias, according to Lifewire. However, slowly, the “click and send” fad is taking a swan dive with participent usage and updates.

From the moment Snapchat Inc. released the original app in 2012, the social media app has increasingly gained popularity. The updates that followed, added benefits and fun for users everywhere, including myself, from the change of no longer having to hold down to view the message, the stories, the filters and the stickers. But as time has progressed, users have begun to hold some aspects too high and the updates have gone too far, making the environment of snapchat a toxic one.

The most recent update, 10.25, has driven people, including myself, away from the app. Before the update, the snaps that were sent and received would appear on one side and the stories would appear on the other. This left enough space to breathe, find people and look at stories. When combined, the chaos and the structure are confusing, cluttered and straight up annoying. Snap Inc. has definitely proven that less is more.

Streaks, many have perished in the tragic pursuit of acquiring the all mighty streak with someone. The “streak” across the blank screen, the reply and the ultimate “Opened at (time the Snap was opened by the opposing party)” has, in my experience, been a recipe for disaster and disappointment.

After the four or five years of use, Snapchat has taken place over texting or calling, with all the features enabling you to do so. The app at this particular point was personally my primary, and prefered source of communication, and while I do enjoy having streaks with people, I find myself getting frustrated when neither party actually speaks.

Before the creation of the streak in 2015, there wasn’t a point in snapchatting someone daily who you never spoke to. Now, people intentionally start talking to someone just to have another streak in their collection. The culture has changed where communication isn’t relevant, but the message is clear.

For some, the streak held is the only reason two people are friends. This can either be a good introduction to a friendship, or irrelevant when the streak is lost and the friendship ends. The consecutive days presented, when broken, can create fights between people who are already friends before the back and forth streaks through the app, which is absurd considering a streak number shouldn’t be the base of a friendship. Either way, it’s a good base to a friendship as well as a strengthener, but not if it’s a once-per-day thing that’s only done for the number of days and the number of streaks held.

My main problem is that instead of continuing to be a fun outlet, Snapchat has become one of stress and mistakes that is now creating more problems than it’s worth.