SPAM accounts lead to spammed bank accounts

Truth behind new social media trend reveals major scheme for teens to earn quick cash

Emma Sprague, Reporter

Spam? More like S.P.A.M. This secret organization is also known as Secret People Acquiring Money. From the outside, these SPAM accounts may seem like an outlet for Instagram users to post about anything they desire. From the inside, they are much more, according to senior Madea Usermann.

The accounts began as nothing more than a place to post random pictures that users did not want to post on their main Instagram accounts. Usermann explained that now as people post “it’s like a game.” The crazier the post, the more money they recieve.

“It’s like the drug cartel,” Usermann said. “People have completely abandoned their main accounts because the posts on the spams just keep on coming.”

Instead of carrying on with their daily activities, the Instagram users are trying to their fullest extent to make money off of their SPAM accounts. People are beginning to document all of their crazy acts.

“I’ve seen people go from posting pictures of their cats to posting about all of their illegal activities,” Usermann said. “It’s absolutely sickening to watch.”