Album review: ‘My Dear Melancholy’


Katie Berry, Reporter

Canadian singer, The Weeknd, released a new album that definitely hit me in the feels. His album is entitled ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ which seems rather fitting for the album, considering melancholy is a synonym to sadness. Throughout the entire album, it just seemed that The Weeknd really felt what he was singing, like he had a story to tell or had an emotional connection to it. That factor just made the album better to listen to.

‘My Dear Melancholy’ was so good to listen to because even though the tone of the album was calm, the mood changed subtly throughout the whole album. In the beginning of the album, in the song, “Call Out my Name,” I felt like The Weeknd was just trying to reminisce on his memories with someone and tried to persuade the person to stay in his life. Then, by the end of the album in the song “Privilege,” The Weeknd finally realizes that it’s time to move on from whomever it was written for, but that at least knowing them was a good experience.

I’d say my favorite song from the whole album is “Call Out my Name.” I liked this song a lot because it’s just a story about how much someone can be a priority in someone else’s life, and how empty a person can feel without their priority in their life.

I don’t really have any bad input about the album because each of his songs were unique in their own ways and each song just kept getting better and better.

I’d highly recommend anyone to listen to the album because it’s so sensitive and a lot of the material just kind of flows together and the lyrics are really easy to relate to. A good time to listen to this album would be after a breakup or when you lost someone in your life because at that time, the lyrics are just so much more meaningful. Overall, this album was great and it’s one of my favorite things that I’ve seen The Weeknd do yet.