Freshman student council election approaching

Current freshmen will vote on Aug. 6 for their class president and secretary


Student council sponsor Joseph Leonard

In past years, eighth graders at Southport Middle School spent weeks campaigning as they ran for class president and secretary. This tradition altered due to some issues with organization.  

At the beginning of last year, Spanish teacher Jamie Marshall transferred to SHS from SMS, where she served as a guidance counselor. Marshall not only advised students as a counselor, but she also organized the elections for student council. After she left, there was no one appointed to arrange the elections at SMS.

“It was really just issues with organization at the middle school,” said Teya Cassiday, co-treasurer for the sophomore class.

A number of students were interested in running for student council, but by the end of last school year, there was still no information presented about elections.

Since there was no information about the election at SHS, current freshmen were first informed about it during their iPass. According to student council sponsor Joseph Leonard, 24 freshmen applied to be on the ballot for the two positions. If they made the ballot, they were sent an email. They found out the candidates this past Tuesday and were given less than a week to prepare for the election on Monday, Aug. 6.

To display their creativity and cleverness, it is a tradition at SHS for students to campaign during the weeks leading up to the election. Posters line the school and students have been posting on social media to promote themselves as election day comes closer and closer.

“It is kind of nerve-wracking because you don’t know anybody, and you have to put your face everywhere,” freshman Ellie Brown said about campaigning.

Freshmen will be receiving ballots in their iPasses to vote for their class president and secretary.

The winners of the election will start to help prepare for upcoming events, including the Homecoming dance and parade. They will work all year to display their leadership skills and represent the class of 2022.