‘Bloom’ proves to be spontaneously vibrant


Album art from Troye Sivan’s Twitter, @troyesivan

With the abundance of newly released albums that have just hit the market, it was genuinely hard for me to pick just one that I wanted to listen to and review for this issue. However, I have been highly anticipating the release of artist Troye Sivan’s new album, “Bloom,” which came out on Friday, Aug. 31.

Although at first I felt as if a few of the songs sounded a bit too similar, that quickly diminished as I made my way through the tracklist. As I got deeper into the album, it is clear that “Bloom” is an album that has its own unique taste, sound and Sivan’s soothing voice accompanies the instrumental extremely well.

Consisting of just 10 tracks, “Bloom” has only about three or four songs that are upbeat and dance-worthy. The rest of the album is moody and wistful as it is made up of several slower ballads where Sivan’s vocals give the lyrics an alluring and powerful impact as I can feel the pain and love within his voice.

The song, “Postcard,” featuring Gordi, starts out a bit shaky and somewhat cheesy at first, but I was completely blown away by the transformation of this beautiful ballad after the first 30 seconds of the song passed by. Sivan’s voice seems so delicate, but so powerful as he makes his way through his heartbreaking lyrics. Not to mention how Gordi’s touch on the song compliments it beautifully as her voice meshes effortlessly with Sivan’s.

The witty thing Sivan is able to maneuver within this project is that he allows his creativity to effortlessly shine through, as the tracks make you feel as if you are experiencing memories in black and white. However, songs such as the vibrant “My! My! My!” the free-spirited introductory track, “Seventeen” and the carefree “Bloom” allow the album to spontaneously explode into color without warning.

While there are a handful of songs on this album that I absolutely love, the one that without a doubt wins my attention over the rest is, the pre-released single, “My! My! My!” This song was released on Jan. 10 of this year, and it is a song that I honestly play at least once every time I’m in the car. It’s an explosive song that has a unique, exciting beat that just outright makes me happy. Most of the songs on the album have this effect on me, but in different ways as they either make me struggle to hold back tears, or lift my spirits.

“Bloom” is without a doubt my favorite project of Sivan’s, as it was outrageously creative, spontaneous, and moving. But overall, what stands out to me the most is how well the beauty of the lyrics correlated and fit together with Sivan’s overwhelmingly peaceful voice in every song. It was an incredible album and I highly recommend it.