Blended benefits

Seniors at SHS are offered the option to take blended classes. With a few blended classes offered, according to Director of School Counseling Julie Fierce, students who have never heard of it before may be wondering what it is.

One of the blended classes offered is Economics. Social Studies teacher Gene Lezon is one of the economics teachers who blend their classes. He blends both his regular, Dual Credit and AP economics classes.

“The reason I (blend my AP class) is (because) I treat it like a college class,” Lezon said. “When we’re done, we’re done.”

According to Blended Learning Universe, blended classes are classes where students learn both through technology and in a classroom setting. Blended classes give students a chance to learn the subject at their own pace.

Lezon likes having blended classes because it gives the students a chance to take a college-like class while still having the safety net of having a teacher there to help.

“In college, if you’re doing it online, you’re on your own and you don’t have that safety net feature,” Lezon said.

Pre-pharmacy college student Lydia Mun took Lezon’s AP blended economics class last year. Mun believes that taking blended classes in high school can help students when going to college.

Through Mun’s personal experience lectures at the college level can be shorter than the typical 70-minute class periods offered at SHS. She believes that by being in a blended class it helps prepare you for being in class for a shorter period of time and therefore having to learn more on your own.

“(A blended class is) a really nice experience because you can experience that freedom of having extra time between classes,” Mun said “which is something that every freshman in college will experience.”