How I learned to rule the school

Yanina Gojko looks over her admirers as they reach towards her

Photo By Emma Sprague

Yanina Gojko looks over her admirers as they reach towards her

At the beginning of freshman year, I had no idea what to expect during my four years at Southport. I certainly did not think I would be head cheerleader, driving a Porsche and on my way to Harvard Medical School.

My first year of high school was a particularly interesting time. I joined the debate team, leading them to victory at the state championship. My weekends were never free. So many people wanted to hang out with me that I had to schedule them around my other after school activities.

Throughout that first year, I spent a lot of time working hard on my grades. I would turn in every assignment the day before it was due. I would have to ask the teacher beforehand, but at least I got it done before everyone else so I could play Poptropica on my computer. My teachers all loved me and would always ask me to cover for them while they went to make copies or some other “teacherly” task.

During the summer between freshman and sophomore year, I began investigating summer programs for Ivy League schools. I split the summer between Dartmouth College and Yale University studying medicine and public health relations.

Sophomore year yielded the realization that I wanted to join the cheer leading squad. Over the summer, I had gotten to know some of the girls in my classes. They convinced me that being a cheerleader was “all the rage,” so I joined and quickly rose to the top of the ranks due to my amazing athletic powers and people skills.

Practices went by in a flash. Since I performed so well at state and national competitions, I did not have to practice at all, I bought Starbucks and painted my nails while everyone else strained under the pressure of the grueling routine.

After getting my license, my parents rewarded me with keys to my very own brand new Porsche. I was ecstatic! I always had to have the best of the best and cars were no exception. I figured that since it was my second to last year until graduation, I should start planning for my future.

Throughout school, I have always had an interest in medicine, so I thought my most logical career choice was becoming a doctor. Harvard was just the place to do it. I submitted my transcript, ACT and SAT scores and waited anxiously over the summer for the school’s response.

Now, here I am at the beginning of my senior year, and I am officially ready to start at the Harvard Medical School in the fall of 2019. This journey has been intense but overall pretty great. I am excited to see where the rest of my life takes me.