Tips and Tricks: How to Survive High School


It’s too early, and you just woke up. You have been stressing the past few nights and just tried to pull an all-nighter but failed just as the clock struck three in the morning. You’re exhausted and tripping over yourself. Your homework isn’t done. You have your first exam today, and everything just seems to have gone wrong. But don’t worry! Below is some advice that a very experienced and totally-qualified-to-give-advice upperclassman, Cobalt Henson, has to give to you.





The best way to show school spirit and pride is to be loud at all times. Football games are the only exception. Be as quiet as possible while the game is going on.Its polite.

Walk Fast

If you walk fast, you’ll trip. If you trip, you fall. If you fall, you’ll break your Chromebook. If you break your Chromebook, you’ll get fees. Don’t get fees, walk slow.

Leave Whenever

In order to deal with the stress of class, if you need to leave, you should leave if you need to.The teachers will understand. It’s not like they’re there to teach the students or anything.

Stay in Your Seat Before the Bell

No one does this. Stand next to the door, don’t be that guy that just sits there yelling at everyone to sit down.

Block the Hallway

Gotta talk to your friends, especially that one you only saw two hours ago? Have your friends help you block the hallway off.

Mind Your Business

Everyone wants as many opinions as possible. Eavesdrop and give your unsolicited advice! People actually love it.

Leave Your Ringer On

You never know when something may happen at home, especially in those stuffy testing rooms.

Forget to Snap

Whether it is to perfectly balance the universe or to get that streak to your friend, make it happen.

Use Your Speakers

Everyone LOVES music, share what you listen to!

Park in One Space

Car insurance is expensive. Even worse once you get into a wreck. So to prevent this, park in two spaces so that you have a cushion.