Southport community responds to presidential rally


Madelyn Knight

Senior Hannah Garrett will be voting in the midterm elections. Midterm elections are Nov. 6.

Near the end of fourth period on Monday, Oct. 29, the IndyStar published an article announcing that President Trump would be coming to SHS to rally for republican senate candidate Mike Braun.

Walking through the halls during the five minute passing period shortly after, one would’ve heard various students and staff saying to one another “Did you hear Trump is coming?” Gasps, faces of both shock and excitement and even members from the Secret Service staff could have been spotted that day.

Feelings ranging from honor to disgust have lingered throughout the Southport community bringing about discussions, arguments and potential Friday night plans.

Despite political views, yearbook adviser and voter Sam Hanley says that nobody can deny that it is the U.S. President coming to the school.

He along with senior Hannah Garrett, who will also be voting, were initially shocked when discovering that the rally was to be held at SHS. Garrett believes that this event will motivate younger citizens like herself to vote and that the rally will impact some decisions.

The topic of Trump coming to SHS has been labeled controversial due to the school’s values and population. With 61 different languages spoken and refugees and immigrants making up a large portion of the population, some believe it is wrong for Perry Township to have allowed this.

“It’s truly a spit in the face of queer students and students of color,” an SHS alum tweeted to The Journal.

However, politics aside, senior Jack Vanover is one of many others who view this visit as an honor.

“Regardless of your political views, I think you should view the appearance of the sitting President of the U.S. in our school a privilege,” Vanover tweeted to The Journal.

Speech and debate coach Sara Berghoff teaches broadcast, mass media and speech, and as a teacher who instructs research, she believes students should read up on the candidates and their positions to form a proper decision.

With arguments and disagreements bringing tension to the community, she believes this is the time to take action, by getting to the polls.

“As someone who lives in the community, it hurts me to see people spewing hatred in all directions, but I think it’s also an opportunity to talk about what affects us as a community, as a school, as a district and what that means,” Berghoff said.

A protest has been organized by an SHS alum. They will be gathering this evening in front of the Perry Township Education Center building and rally attendees will start showing up at 4 p.m.

With mixed emotions, the Southport community is awaiting the arrival of President Trump.

Tonight The Journal will be covering the rally live on social media.