Totally hip hallway closure

Teachers put the boogie in Ghost Hallway


Emma Sprague

Student snaps photo of teachers during dance session

As senior Katherine Boujee made her way to her first period class on Oct. 22, an obstacle stood in her way. She rounded a corner, climbed the stairs and instead of being faced with what would’ve been the Ghost Hallway, there were two large wooden doors blocking her route.

“I didn’t understand what was going on,” Boujee said. “I’ve always used this hallway to get to my classes. The administrative staff has finally lost their minds. There better be a good reason behind this because now I have to take the main hallway to get to my classes. That’s where all of the freshmen stand around like heathens. This is awful.”

Although Assistant Principal Anthony Artproject says the hallway was closed due to improper use by students and safety concerns, Boujee claims that is not the case. Boujee said that teachers who usually sit in their classrooms during their prep periods have started to leave their rooms and go to an “unknown” location.

When she forgot that her usual route had been closed, she made her way toward the Ghost Hallway. She walked up to the doors before realizing her mistake and she spotted something “unusual” through the window. Boujee explained that it looked like there was a flash of gold but decided that it must’ve been the “awful lighting.”

“I swear I heard the thud of loud music and I saw what looked like disco lights near the far end of the hallway,” Boujee said. “A shadowy figure turned the corner as soon as I looked through the small window on the door. It kind of looked like Mr. Major. From a distance it looked like was doing the Shoot. Whoever it was definitely didn’t want to be spotted by a student and that’s the tea.”

Now, to further investigate Boujee’s claims, a team of five students has come together. These students met up after school one day and “devised a plan to check out the Ghost Hallway” according to Boujee, who is a friend of the members of the group. They are set on finding out the real reason the hallway was “mysteriously” shut down, according to senior Fred Wenn, a member of the group.

The group consists of Wenn along with sophomore Daphne Bloom, sophomore Shaggy Stone and senior Velma Smith.

“We call ourselves the Mystery Busters because we know they are lying and we are going to figure out the truth,” Bloom said. “This is totally not groovy. Students shouldn’t have to worry about what the teachers are doing during school. We’re not babysitters.”

Even though the so-called “Mystery Busters” violated many school rules, they found a way to enter the Ghost Hallway through the dock elevator located near the kitchen and loading dock. When the students finally entered the hallway, they did not understand what was happening at first, according to Stone.

“After my eyes adjusted to what was happening, I was completely flabbergasted,” Stone said. “I saw my geometry teacher and my chemistry teacher doing the boogie alongside Mr. Artproject. There was a whole crowd of teachers surrounding them. I couldn’t look too closely because the sight hurt my eyes. It was an old people mosh pit.”

According to Wenn, before the teachers noticed they were in the hallway, they ran back to the elevator to “escape the horror.” The students proceeded to call the authorities and report what the teachers were doing. Since the teachers involved technically did not break any laws, they were unable to press charges. The students also received no punishments for entering the Ghost Hallway.
Superintendent Patricia Compass was asked to provide a statement on the subject but declined.

Later on, Compass contacted Artproject and explained that she was upset because she did not receive an invitation to the “disco parties” that have been taking place in the Ghost Hallway since it has been shut down, according to Artproject. There hasn’t been any word on if the hallway parties have been terminated.

“We didn’t think it would be a problem since there weren’t any students in the hallway anymore,” Artproject said. “We would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids and their need to get to class.”