‘Tea With A Princess’ holds underlying purpose

SHS theater students elaborate on the purpose of the annual “Tea With A Princess” event


Jordin Baker

Senior Jordan Cox fist bumps with a child who attended Tea With A Princess. Cox was dressed and portraying the role of the Disney princess Rapunzel.

SHS’ annual Tea with a Princess, is a fundraiser for the theater department where theatre students dress up as Disney princes and princesses  to have tea and meet and greets with little kids who attend.

According to theater teacher Kimberly Roberts, she inherited the idea from Barb Whitlock, the teacher in charge prior to her arrival.

“When I came in last year in November, my production class is in charge of it and they were like ‘Are we gonna do Tea with a Princess?’ And I was like, ‘I’d love to do that but when is it supposed to happen?’

All of the profits from this function go to into their theater account, and they’re able to have money to do extra things.

At the event, the room is decorated with twinkly lights that hang from the ceiling, tables and chairs scattered throughout the room as well as a table that holds water, coffee, and, of course, tea. Each table is provided with a rose in the middle, plates, cups, crayons and a picture for the children to color.

A common theme among the students who participate in the event is that they like being able to interact with the kids who come.

“I participate in (the event) because I like seeing the kids and being with my friends doing it.,” Senior Sophia Shook said. “It’s really fun and it’s really enjoyable.” I think my favorite part is when we all go in the auditorium, and we sign their autograph books and dance with all the kids.”

Shook’s favorite part of the event is when each of the characters go to the auditorium to autograph the children’s books and dance with them. Participating in the event makes her feel really good inside knowing that the event makes an impact on the children’s lives.

This year was senior Jordan Cox’s first year participating in Tea With a Princess. She says it provided an insight as to how she prepares to get into character and how it feels strange for her.

“It also kinda makes me feel weird though cause like it’s not me, like I have to be a different person. I have to watch a video and figure out how she acts in certain situations.”  said Cox

Cox watched Disney princess interviews of actual Disney people portraying Rapunzel and she also watched the movie to learn how to answer some of the questions.