Cobalt Henson

Students around SHS are hooked on the new fad, but are they hooked on you?

Freshman John Brock was one of the the people involved in the whistle blow at Apple Headquarters in California.

“It all started when I noticed an echo while I used my Airpods,” Brock said. “After that I started listening closer. Every so often I’d catch a snippet of the sound of someone slurping some kind of liquid or maybe someone typing on a keyboard. It was almost methodical.”

Apple consumers are outraged after an internal whistleblower at Apple revealed that Airpods are actually government listening devices.

Brock took to the internet in search for an answer. He posted a thread on Reddit, asking if anyone had experienced anything similar with their Airpods. Within hours he had his answer from thousands of other concerned individuals, all of them describing similar events.

An anonymous source later leaked internal company memos marked “Dispose-after-Read” that detailed the extensive operation between Apple and the US government on a project called “Ivory Mask” on WikiLeaks. A post was later made by someone claiming to be a high-ranking employee at Apple, stating that they were the person behind the leak.

In a press conference that was ran in conjunction with the FBI, Apple denied all allegations of selling Airpods that operate as listening devices.

“We don’t spy on our customers,” Apple spokesman Sol Ot said. “We have not and will not work on projects with the government. Users have no reason to be concerned, and we will be releasing a security patch later today to alleviate any concerns from users.”

Many people, however, have taken matters into their own hands. Videos are popping up on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other platforms of Airpod owners doing whatever they can to their device to “mess with the people listening.” In one video, a person placed their airpods in a box surrounded by speakers only playing the Seinfeld theme song. After 10 hours of it, they reported receiving a text from a blocked number asking them to turn the music off.