Shane Dawson’s top 5 conspiracy theories

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  1. Poppy is a robot

Poppy, a YouTuber, is well-known for being very creepy and robot-like. She has addressed rumors over whether she is in a cult or not, whether she is a robot, and if she is part of the Illuminati. Although, Poppy is a popstar. Shane Dawson claims that she is using these interesting tactics to promote her music.

  1. Jesus is an alien

Now, this is more of a “fun” theory than a believable one. Shane claims that parts of Jesus’ story seem a little extra-terrestrial. With Jesus claiming that he is “not of this world,” some believe that after he was resurrected was when he was deemed back up to space. Humanoid aliens, like Jesus, employ 100 percent of their brain capacity while humans only employ about 10 percent of our brain capacity. This being true, aliens have the power to change human perception.

  1. Illuminati is killing Hollywood

There are multiple factors in this one, from the death of Michael Jackson and John Lennon to the breakdown of Britney Spears. In the case of John Lennon, he was known for promoting peace, which is not in the government’s best interest. He was also very outspoken about the government while sometimes alluding to the Illuminati. As for Michael Jackson, he died very suspiciously, when no one was around. Public figures such as him who are slowly being given more drugs by trusted people happen much more often than one would think.

  1. Hollywood’s grossest secret

This one is honestly not even a theory anymore, for it’s been proven multiple times. Child molesters in Hollywood are not a new subject. At the core of Hollywood, there are multiple groups affiliated with predatory actions. These groups are known to take young child actors to parties and drug them. Some of the most well-known public figures have taken advantage of children to a horrible extent.

  1. The Mandela Effect

In summary, the Mandela Effect is when a large amount of people have a memory of something that is completely different in reality. This theory is based off of the idea of a multiverse, which involves many universes happening at one time. In simple terms, every decision you make, or don’t make, has its own universe. This theory is called the “Mandela Effect”  for there is a collective false memory that Nelson Mandela died while in prison. In reality, Mandela was released from prison in 1989 and died in 2013. One example of this effect is the remembrance of the popular childhood series, “The Berenstein Bears.” In reality, this series is named “The Berenstain Bears.”