The ‘sneaker heads’ of SHS

For sophomore Austin Bonar, the Sean Wotherspoon 97s are what started his shoe journey. Although he is in the so-called “early stages” of his shoe obsession, he has cultivated his taste and has definitely found his style.

At SHS, there are many different shoes that people choose to wear, whether it be Converse, Adidas, Jordans or another kind. For some people, like Bonar, the shoes they wear on their feet are more significant than to others. A nickname for these people is “sneakerhead.” One shoe in particular started Bonar’s nickname as a sneakerhead.

“(Sean Wotherspoon 97s) were the push that got it rolling,” Bonar said.

Since Bonar is still in the early stages, he hasn’t started reselling his shoes. Although, he says that once he starts getting more money and more shoes, he will definitely consider reselling. He would also like to restore, rather than buy new shoes, and sell them.

One sneakerhead at SHS that does resell shoes is sophomore Keithy Schaffer. Schaffer’s journey started in fifth grade with the Space Jam 5s. He saw his friends getting all sorts of cool shoes, and this peaked his interest. As he became more involved, he started saving money to get shoes he was interested in. For now, he just resells it and keeps it more as a personal hobby, but he does see doing more, like opening a consignment shop like grails.

Even though he is very immersed in shoe culture, he still likes to wear more casual shoes to school and such. He likes to save his hobby for later.

Schaffer’s friend, sophomore Damien Stewart shares this passion as well, and is very dedicated to his “business.” He is very determined with reselling shoes and even recently went to a convention in Cleveland, Ohio. He set up a booth and sold shoes, such as Jordans. Stewart fist got into shoes because it was a family thing, but his brother, who inspired him the most, is the one who led him to be where he is today.

In the future Stewart says that he definitely wants to open a consignment shop and try to make more profit. However, that’s not all. He also feels that he can reach more kids and make them see the fun in shoes. He wants to inspire them.

“(I’m in it) for the people,” Stewart said.

Art by Nina Gojko