Fortune’s Favor

Students find clarity in the mystic arts


Dubbed the looking glass of the future, students may find clarity with the new school fortune teller.

The month of May can bring with it much excitement, the arrival of summer, the Indy 500 and the coming of summer break for students. To seniors, this means graduation and many pressing decisions about their futures. To help reassure them, SHS administration has set up a field trip with a fortune teller so that seniors will be able to receive “careful, concrete advice” about what awaits them after graduation.

For the first ever field trip of its kind, 2019’s graduating class will be visiting “MissFortune’s Tarot and Divination Services,” located in downtown Indianapolis. Run by Francine Chronis, the business started in 2000 after Chronis was unable to compete with the market of folk magic in her home city of Los Angeles.

“The cards told me to come to Indianapolis and help teenagers figure out what to do with their lives,” Chronis said. “I didn’t have anything better to do, so I packed up my things and moved from sunny southern California to Southport, Indiana.”

SHS administration has said that they’ve decided to observe how this first field trip goes before they vote to continue the program. Director of Student Affairs Jean Fowler mentions the potential for expanding it to other grade levels.

“I think a lot of people are ignoring the great benefits that visiting a fortune teller can have for our students,” Fowler said. “We’ve noticed that many students from all different grades are terrified for their futures, so naturally directing them toward the mystic arts is the most effective course of action.”

Students have reacted positively to the idea of senior field trips. Senior Fletcher Grant is one such student. He plans to go to Indiana University for nursing, but he still sees the visit to Chronis’ establishment as a way to know he’s on the right path.

“I used to think of this trip as a whole lot of nonsense, but even though I have a plan for the next four years, that’s really it,” Grant said. “I figure if anyone can help me with my life, it’s a lady in a beaded shawl that reeks of incense.”