Preparing for primaries

Candidates campaign for city council


With primaries coming up on May 7, candidates, Democrat Ben Brown, and Republicans Tom Vaughn and Doug Wood are trying to win over more and more people’s votes. The actual election will take place on Nov. 5 but each candidate will try to win people’s support in the primaries.

One candidate in particular, Republican Doug Wood, has a son, Kaden Wood, who is a senior here at SHS and helps his father campaign. They go to houses and talk to the residents of the city, put up signs advocating for Doug’s election and send out calls to people. Doug wants to see a better community for the city and has ran for other smaller roles. This will be his first major role in the city.

“(I’d) like to see better infrastructure in Perry Township and better public safety (and) more advanced economic development,” Doug said.

Doug, while trying to win people’s votes, believes that it’s important to vote because he claims that everyone should be entitled to voice their opinion. Kaden is eligible to vote, and he plans to support his father in the election.

“100%. Yes, I will be supporting my dad,” Kaden said.

According to Our Better Nature’s, “Ten Reasons To Vote In Local Elections and Referenda,” voting is one of the strongest ways a citizen can have influence their government. Another reason why it’s better to vote is that the officials tend to listen to the majority. One vote can sway the majority and make that person’s opinion known, according to OBN.