Sticking to tradition

Annual SHS prom yields yearly student traditions

“A Night To Remember” is how many refer to the yearly SHS prom alongside the glamorous feeling that comes with being dressed up and surrounded by bright lights. To be more specific, it is an ongoing tradition put together by many high schools where students can come together for one big night and dance their hearts out.

Junior Kendall Henderson has attended prom for the past two years as a freshman and sophomore by being invited by an upperclassman each year, and plans on attending for the next two years as well. Not many people are given the opportunity to go all four years, but this has allowed her to form her own prom traditions.

“I usually get ready with my friend, (junior Megan Frank), before,” Henderson said. “She does my hair every year, and we all get together at one house to get ready.”  

Like Henderson, other students from SHS have made prom an annual activity. For some, it is tradition.

Although some of the things Henderson and her friends do vary each year, such as dinner plans, other items on her prom agenda remain the same. She always takes pictures with her friends before the dance for example, much like many other students.

English teacher Dawn Fowerbaugh is in her second year of being a co-sponsor for prom, along with guidance counselor Erin Shimp. Although Fowerbaugh doesn’t have any traditions such as taking pictures like students, she and Shimp arrive at the Indiana Roof Ballroom hours early to set up in preparation for the dance, and she enjoys the atmosphere of prom each year.

“I like how everything kind of (comes) together,” Fowerbaugh said. “I like working with the junior class officers and getting to know the kids, and I really like seeing the kids all dressed up. It’s a neat event.”

Junior Azlin Vermillion attended prom her sophomore year and now plans attend this year as well.

Vermillion has many little traditions she does in preparation for the big night. She gets her nails done the day before, wakes up early the next day and eats donuts that morning before getting ready. According to Vermillion, she gets ready with her friends, and they take pictures about an hour before prom. She also has things she does after prom, including going out to eat.

“I love the environment (of prom),” Vermillion said. “Where we have it is super pretty, and the atmosphere is really nice. I recommend everyone who can go, go to prom.”