The humorous tangents of ‘Lunch Club’

Find out whether the podcast of several youtubers is worth a listen

The humorous tangents of Lunch Club

There are many podcasts in the world but nothing like the “Lunch Club.” “Lunch Club” is a podcast started by several Youtubers that currently has 19 episodes that vary in topics ranging from Minecraft to travelling. They have so many crazy stories and different personalities in one group that tie it together in an amazing way. “Lunch Club” can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts. But be warned, it’s a more PG-13 listen and will absolutely entertain listeners who love immature and dark humor. 

On Jan. 25, 2020, they were officially changed to “Lunch Club” after some complications when their old branding, “Goop” ran into some trouble with copyrighting.

The current episodes all have different attendees from the original group because they don’t record it with all of them in the same room. The episodes all vary in topics and all are also more comedy based and will definitely give listeners a laugh when their jokes are made. The people in it are mostly very exaggerated and all have their own distinguishable voices. Once the listener picks up on them, it’s incredibly easy to tell who’s talking and who butts into the current conversation with their own ideas, which is incredibly helpful when listening to a podcast.

The first episode, “The Double Jump Nut,” is run with Youtubers CallmeCarson, Its_Jawsh, Cscoop and Joko. They talk about their childhood issues, the SMPLive Minecraft server, dumb things they did as kids and their passions. They have a darker sense of humor that ends up making certain parts in all of the podcasts memorable.

All of the episodes after, including episode two, “Craigory,” who introduces two new, friendly faces, Ted Nivison and Traves, and episode number 14, “Big Time Rush,” which starts off by singing the “Big Time Rush” theme song, follows the same trend, that being, they’re full of hilarity, interesting stories, interesting people and, because of that, it adds up to being a really good podcast to listen to anytime, anywhere.

Although enjoyable, the podcast’s upload schedule is pretty abnormal and can go for weeks at a time without any updates. There’s been around two months since the last upload. However, @LunchClubTV on Twitter, the podcast updates account, has said that big things are on the way.

Overall, the podcast is an incredible experience to listen to. It’s a good place to go for comedy, drama, amazing stories and an attention keeping listen.