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Kayla Brown
Hi, welcome to Chilli’s- I mean, hi, welcome to my bio! I’m Kayla Brown.This year, I’m working as an Artist and an Entertainment Reporter on The Journal. I’ve been drawing since I was five or six, but after high school I want to work with special effects or animation. In my free time, I work with art(duh), video editing, animation and gaming. You heard that, I play minecraft. I bet I’m cool. I have many characters I’ve created myself and I absolutely love painting sunsets, and painting in general. Other than my physical hobbies, I listen to the Misfits Podcast, I wear a lot of hoodies no matter the weather outside, I love my friends a LOT, I have five crazy, stupid cats, two goofy dogs and a small fish named Mars and I love them all. I still quote vines, even though the app died. I like keeping up with trends and I'm very loud when you get to know me. I’m honestly quite young for my grade at a whopping 14, I can’t start drivers ED yet, and my left eye is two colors. That’s not relevant to what I do, just a little fun fact.

Kayla Brown, Reporter

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Kayla Brown