‘Mean Girls’ Review

Explore the different point of view of a classic American movie

One of my American friends suggested watching “Mean girls” to know more about classic American movies and American high schools in general. Thrilled by the title of the movie, I asked my host family to watch this movie with me. This high school chick flick movie was engaging with comedy, romance and somewhat real-life situations that students face in high school.

Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan is a new student at North Shore High school. She grew up in Africa being homeschooled by her mother. She was a nature lover and loved her solitude. On her first day of school, when she sees the chaos, it reminds her of the wilderness of African forests and animals. Her first day at  high school reminded me of my first day at an American high school where, for me, everything was bizarre and unfamiliar. Every face was new, every look was rude and everything was weird just like for Cady. Watching her feel so uneasy reminded me of my uneasiness on my first day.

I could relate with Cady’s situation of being a stranger and how harsh it can be when you don’t know anyone. Unlike my situation, Cady had her first lunch in the restroom just because she didn’t have any friends to be with. While watching this scene, my host parents asked me if I took my lunch to the restroom to eat because of being so unfamiliar with everyone. I didn’t, but deep inside I knew that I also had a similar situation. The people I sat with during lunch were not so interested in interacting with me, which I still find sad to think of. This scene tells how rough it can be to make friends in high school in general, and in my case an American high school, because everyone here is so busy with their own life that no one even notices you.

Personally, I loved every single character in the movie, but Lohan nails the character of being this extremely intelligent girl. I love how beautifully her character reflects upon new students in high school and how she carries her character as Cady.

In her first days, Cady connected with the social outcast Janice and Damian by chance. From them, she gets to know about a group of three girls which they call “the plastics.” They are beautiful, popular, wealthy and admired by many people in school, including the staff. The cruel leader of the plastics, Regina George, is one of the meanest girls in the school who thinks of herself as a pathway to happiness for everyone. The character of the members of the plastics sheds light upon the brutal reality of fame, competition and popularity in high school which later becomes the very basis of bitterness and grudges people carry in their hearts.

Cady gets invited by the plastics  to sit with them at lunch. Cady’s friends, Janice and Damian, encourage her to join them so that she gets to know their secrets and can expose them later on. Cady starts hanging out with the plastics and gradually turns out to be like them. 

This part of the movie is a great message for the teenagers that how our company and friendship has a major impact in our lives and how it can lead us in life. If Cady was friends with nice kids, she might have ended up a nicer person. 

This movie also explains the love, lust and vulgarity in high school relationships. Cady finds Regina’s ex-boyfriend attractive, and when Regina finds out about it she sabotages Cady’s attempt to be with him. In an utter fire of vengeance, Cady decides to take revenge on Regina by attacking her self-image, relationship and her friend group. Seeing this part of the movie, I was so blown away with how a person will do anything to take revenge just to degrade and defame someone else. Cady who was a calm, chill and warm-hearted girl transforms into a mean, self-centered and egotistical girl. 

The rest of the movie is based upon the ways Cady and Regina’s brutal behavior affects the school and ends up exposing every “ mean girl” in the high school.

I loved how the movie ends with the last scene where Cady shares her crown with everyone and apologizes for the blunders she has committed.

 “Mean Girls” might have been my first American classic movie, but I loved every single thing about this movie. The movie stresses upon the problems of teens and fitting in well in high school, bullying, popularity and fame. In a way, this movie also focuses on friendship, loyalty and the outcomes of betrayal. Mark Water’s movie is one of the most “never going out of fashion” movies I have ever seen. The cast, crew, directors, humor and dialogues were engaging. It would be a great movie for kids to watch so that they at least have an idea of the trauma and challenges they’re going to encounter in high school or so that they never become mean or selfish.