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Tilyan Aslam

Tilyan Aslam, Reporter

Hi, I am Tilyan Aslam. I am a foreign exchange student from Pakistan and a junior this year. I’m  a new staff member and writer for The Journal. I’ve joined The Journal staff this semester due to my love for journalism, the amazing team and the incredible work they all do. Apart from The Journal, I am involved in various other activities and clubs. I love speech and speaking, so I’ve joined the speech and debate team of SHS. I want to use my skills of speech to be a motivational speaker in Pakistan to inspire the younger generation. I’m involved in the international club, and I am a member of the Key Club and an associate member of Best Buddies also. In sports I run track. I’m also engaged in different activities outside of school. I started making vlogs on YouTube in the month of September to document my exchange year, and I have 1.5K subscribers so far. I’m a member of of greater Indianapolis which aims to empower young girls to be smart, strong and bold. I love learning about women empowerment and I hope to be a women’s rights activist when I go back to Pakistan this June. I like to socialize, so I volunteer in my community and interact with different groups of people. Of all the great things I’m involved in this year, The Journal is the most amazing experience. It has helped me socialize more, make more friends and has improved my journalistic writing. I hope to use these skills  when I go back and make a dent in my home community in as many possible ways as I can. I look forward to writing my travelogue about my journey in the U.S and The Journal is a great way to start.

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Tilyan Aslam