Humans of Southport

Contributed by Samantha Cardoza


Senior Samantha Cardoza

“It kind of sucks because it’s my senior year… I miss all of my friends that I don’t hangout with outside of school. I thought I would really enjoy not having school, but the longer I’m in my house, the more I hate it.”




Contributed by Ricky Sessions

Senior Ricky Sessions

“I definitely feel like I was almost short-changed. I know that it’s not the school’s fault or anything, but it just still doesn’t feel right to just abruptly have your life turned upside down basically. I really am missing out on my school (volleyball) season because it was supposed to be the year where we showed out. This is what I’ve been working for since I started playing volleyball, and now I won’t be able to participate in it.”



Contributed by Maddie Sprague


Junior Maddie Sprague

“I feel pretty okay about it. It hasn’t affected me that much, and I just hope that I can still actually learn through online school.”




Contributed by Casey Rockel


Junior Casey Rockel

“I miss seeing my friends every day, and I miss going out of the house. I miss talking to Mr. Leonard because he is one of my favorite teachers, and I’ve missed student council because of its environment. With school being basically over, I’m so sad that my first official prom is canceled too. But, I do enjoy the time off.”




Contributed by Jaylen Engel


Sophomore Jaylen Engel

“All of the stuff that we worked for during the school year (is) kind of erased and we can’t go back.”





Contributed by Brooklyn Koesters

Freshman Brooklyn Koesters

“One thing that I’m really upset about is I’m a part of Riley Dance Marathon, and we weren’t able to do our marathon as a whole. It’s my first year since I’m a freshman, and I was really looking forward to it. I don’t get to start marching band practice in the summer.  I’m really bummed about that. Overall, I’m sad about not being able to make more memories with the people I’ve been making memories with all year.”



Contributed by Kaitlin Osborne


Freshman Kaitlin Osborne

“It really sucks, but at the end of the day, it’s going to help a lot more people.”