Confronting the changes

COVID-19 has adjusted the athletic department’s plans for upcoming year

With the existence of COVID-19 this year, there are many more changes that new Head Athletic Director Brian Murphy will have to make than he planned. Murphy and the new Assistant Athletic Director Nick Stevens will have challenges to face throughout this year.

“So much has changed around us, because of all the COVID concerns we have digital ticketing going on and a new website,” Murphy said. “But our technology will get better as we go.” 

When Murphy learned he would be the Head Athletic Director, it was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the time when people get moved up to a certain position, they know what to expect. This, for Murphy, was different. He had some idea of what he wanted to do, but it had to change because of COVID-19.

“It is weird, because when you start a new job, you always have people ask you questions, but you’re not sure of the answer,” Murphy said. “But most of the time, you know what you are doing and you also want people to think you know what you are doing.”

Murphy believes that players will feel horrible if they can’t play when they were supposed to. Such as when the football team had their game cancelled against Roncalli, because there was a positive test result four hours before the game. 

He wants athletes to play, but he also wants them to be safe through the whole season. 

“What we love about athletes is that you guys say, ‘Hey, we wanna go play,’ but what we have to worry about is making sure that we can go play safely as possible.” Murphy said.