Remembering why

Pride Club reflects on their community-building purpose


Contributed by math teacher Timothy Case

Last year, the Pride Alliance Club drew positive messages with chalk outside of SHS. They wanted to show that their club is here to support all staff and students.

English teacher Sara Kohne was approached by a student who asked for a gay-straight alliance club, which prompted her to start a group where students of every sexuality and gender identity can find comfort. 

Along with former media specialist Mary Jane Jones, together, they created the “Gay-Straight Alliance” club in 2008, and it has been running for 12 years. Due to Kohne’s busy schedule, math teacher Timothy Case has recently stepped up to be the main sponsor for this club.

“I’m proud to be a little bit of help,” Case said. “It makes me feel good, it’s like I’m making a difference in a student’s life, and that’s very important.”

The club later changed its name to the Pride Alliance Club. Within this club, activities such as writing positive messages with sidewalk chalk, mental health checks and open discussions are common.

Along with the usual club activities, last school year, Case created the ‘No G-Word’ campaign. He says that he often heard the word ‘gay’ being used as an insult. He believed this was hateful towards the LGBTQ community and that this campaign was a way he could prevent it. 

Senior Timothy Davis has been in this club for two years. He says that he has become very connected with the group and appreciates the voice it has made for the LGBTQ community at SHS. 

“Truly, it means family,” Davis said. “It means people I can feel comfortable around without being judged.”

For Junior Macey Lukas, the club was a way to support the unique community she was in. Coming out can be a difficult task to do, and she wishes to give support to everyone experiencing this. According to Lukas, this club has helped her give advice to the people struggling in the community.

She also says that the club helped her become more confident, which Case hopes to see in all of the members.

“It helped boost my confidence, being out there showing more about me,” Lukas said. “It’s also helped others cope with other things.”