Overrated collaboration

McDonald’s Travis Scott Meal does not deserve the hype


Contributed by Travis Scott's instagram

The Travis Scott Meal collaboration at McDonald’s started in early September and ends Oct. 4. He is the first celebrity to have a meal collaboration since Michael Jordan.

After seeing countless amounts of videos on my TikTok “For You” page saying how amazing the Travis Scott Meal was, I knew I had to try it.

In fact, it had so much hype to it, it started its own TikTok trend. This trend includes pulling up to the McDonald’s  drive thru and telling the cashier “you know what I want,” then playing the beginning of Travis Scott’s song “Sicko Mode.” With all of the hype and trends I had seen, I was very excited to try it and see what all the buzz was about.

At first glance, the Travis Scott Meal from McDonald’s seems to be very delicious, but I was quickly let down after taking my first bite. This cheeseburger is not something I would normally be getting and not only that, I didn’t feel it was anything special. I was expecting something amazing that I have never had before but really it was like any other McDonald’s meal.

With the first bite, I immediately got the ripe and bitter taste of the onions, which automatically made me want to stop eating it. But I powered through. I ended up taking off the onions and the other ingredients that I didn’t necessarily enjoy. On top of that, the lettuce was not very fresh and the sauces that were on it made it even worse.

The meal includes a quarter pounder with cheese with Travis’ go-to toppings, a medium order of french fries with barbeque dipping sauce, and a Sprite. The $6 meal that came out September 8th will be available till October 4. (Paige Denny)

After taking off the onions, lettuce, and other sauces on the sandwich that I didn’t like, it wasn’t that bad. The bacon really wasn’t a factor in all of this, considering I couldn’t really taste it, almost like it wasn’t even there. It tasted like any other cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

The Travis Scott Meal has been hyped up way too much because anybody could easily have had the exact same meal and no one would be that interested in it.

The fact that it is Travis Scott’s creation is what makes it seemingly good and worth the hype. If they took any other meal on the menu and put a celebrity’s name on it, and everyone would automatically love it, even if it was not necessarily good.