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Bieber pays tribute to “Rocky” in his new music video


Justin Bieber, youtube

Watching the video getting a nostalgic feeling, a tribute to “Rocky”. Justin Bieber (left) allows us to follow him on his boxing journey in his latest video.

Justin Bieber has done it again. He released another catchy and inspiring hit song for his fans. 

Released Jan. 1, Bieber’s new song “Anyone” already has fans crazy about it.

The song is already raking in millions of views, and for good reasons. Not only was the softness of the lyrics amazing to listen to, but the video for it was very engaging and had an interesting story to follow along with. 

The video starts off with Bieber training for what seems to be boxing, and viewers are able to follow him through the story watching him train and grow as a boxer. In the end, we see him in a match fallen down and hurt, but he pushes through and ends up winning the match and his belt. 

After watching the video, I couldn’t help but feel so nostalgic, but I couldn’t figure out why. In the video, Bieber is in his backyard, on the beach training and even ends up getting punched and getting back up to defeat the opponent. It was all too similar to me.

 The music video was inspired by the 1976 drama “Rocky.” When I finally figured out that this is what it reminded me of, I went back a third time to rewatch it. It was even better to sing along to and watch when I understood what he was going for. 

I enjoyed how I got to feel like I was vibing to an old classic.  I would say that my favorite part of the whole song was the music video. It was very well told and easy to understand, almost like an actual movie. Everything was connected perfectly and was very entertaining.

I felt it was very unique and inspirational. It’s told in a way that I know it’s based off of something else but still has its own original style to it. 

I feel the message of the video was very important because it shows a tattoo-less Bieber, so I feel like it’s trying to show us that people can change and grow for the better. When things get rough, do not give up. I feel it conveys that message throughout by showing us Bieber’s process of training and becoming stronger and growing himself as a boxer and a person.

With the song being so soft and gentle, it is still a great song to sit around and just vibe to. I already have it stuck in my head, the lyrics are just so catchy and easy to sing along with. And it has a beautiful sound to it that makes me feel so calm.

It’s a love song, and I thought that it would make me cry with how beautifully it was sung. But honestly, it’s just a lovely song that’s great to listen to no matter what mood I am in.