All together again

SHS students can return for four day in-person learning April 5

After almost a year of being fully virtual or having a hybrid schedule, SHS students will no longer have the hybrid class as an option. 

SHS students will be allowed back in the classroom for four days a week of in-person learning starting April 5. There will no longer be designated school days based upon a student’s last name, instead, everyone will be able to be together again. 

“From what I understand, they had a meeting with the Marion County Health Department this morning, the district leadership did, and in the meeting they gave permission for high schools to return to in-person instruction as long as you felt like you could follow proper protocols,” Principal Brian Knight said.

However, being a fully virtual student will still be an option for those who do not feel comfortable with a complete return to the classroom. There will also be an option for students to switch to fully virtual learning if they are hybrid now and do not want to be in school four days a week with so many people.

“We are not forcing our fully virtual kids to come back,” Knight said. 

The current schedule will stay the same for the rest of the year. Students will attend Monday and Tuesday classes, have Wednesday off and then have the other Thursday and Friday classes. 

“We are going to leave the schedule the way it is,” Knight said. “We don’t think changing the schedule again is beneficial to anyone.”