Long lines and late students

SHS’ car rider line has caused many students to not be on time to class


Emma Main

On the morning of April 13, cars wait in line to drop off students.

With the return of in-person learning after spring break, the morning car rider line has created a new problem with students getting to school on time. 

The line has become very backed up and has caused many students to be up to 10 minutes late to their first period class. 

“Morning drop off has always been kind of chaotic…,” Principal Brian Knight said, “but not in this way before.” 

In the past, students have been able to be dropped off in the parking lot as well as other places around the school. According to Knight, some students would even get dropped off on Banta Road and cross the street to get to door one.

He also says that the main entrance, Door 1, used to be an option for car riders to get dropped off. But it is no longer available simply because it was too difficult to get cars through smoothly and safely. 

“We always kind of used that front circle, but that ended up really messy at times because it’s really narrow,” Knight said. 

As of now, Knight says there isn’t much that can be done other than teachers learning to be flexible with handing out tardies in the morning. This is because they can’t really change where students and staff come into the building. He thinks it is the best option since there isn’t a huge loss of learning in such large class blocks. 

K-9 Officer Thomas Shambaugh thinks that there is never only one way to solve a problem, and this situation is no exception.  He thinks  cooperation between everyone is key, and paying attention to what’s happening can really help the problem. 

“Always be cognizant of what’s happening around you,” Shambaugh said. 

He and Knight think that being prepared right before drop off could be a huge help as well. 

“Make sure when you’re about to be dropped off that you have everything ready to go,” Knight said. “That way you can get in as quick as possible, and that will really help smooth things up.”  

In both Knight and Shambaugh’s opinion, this is a problem that is just unavoidable and can only be improved by working together and having patience, especially with the administration out there to help and make things run as easy as possible. 

“It’s just a big school, it’s a lot of people that are being dropped off and it just takes cooperation and attentiveness on everyone’s part to flow smoothly,” Shambaugh said.