Vandalism at SHS

Theft leaves three mini buses unusable

Around 2 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 2, three of the SHS minibuses were vandalized. With their catalytic converters stolen, the buses are now in the shop to be repaired.

Catalytic converters turn harmful chemicals from an engine’s emissions into safe gases that won’t harm people. Having these parts stolen means that the buses can’t function properly and are unusable.

Perry Township employees, including SHS Athletic Director Brian Murphy, are currently trying to get the buses back and in commission for the school to use. 

The Perry Township maintenance department is currently working on the three buses and are unsure when they’ll be back in use. 

The current plan in place is that the one bus that wasn’t damaged will stay on campus. It will be located inside the garage by the tennis courts. The other three will be parked at the Perry Township parking lot off-campus.

“We don’t have any ideas yet because it just happened, but we’re not satisfied with the solution we have in the short term,” Murphy said. 

Not having the buses impacts several athletic teams at SHS. Most teams haven’t started their seasons yet, but for the ones that have, not having more than one bus is an issue. 

“It could impact development,” cross country coach Nathan Fishel said. “It could definitely impact learning certain courses or running on grass or the track or the roads.”

Girl’s golf especially will struggle if they don’t have access to the minibuses. Their matches start earlier in the afternoon, so if they have to use the yellow buses, they would be late to their matches.

“Right now I am okay because most all the other sports won’t be starting for another couple weeks,” girl’s varsity golf coach Don Manning said. “If they don’t get (the buses) fixed prior to that, then it could become an issue.” 

They’re currently working on a long-term plan to better support the teachers. Murphy says they’re not happy with the current solution, so the people involved are brainstorming a more efficient way to support all teams.

“One of the things that administration is really good at is valuing the teachers’ and the students’ time,” Murphy said. “Knowing they’re doing extra things for students, they don’t want the teachers to have to do extra things that are a hassle.”

Murphy is working alongside other Perry Township representatives to get the minibuses back into use for everyone. He is also working on a new solution that accommodates teachers and coaches better.

“The good thing about this is that it’s bigger than us,” Murphy said. “It’s a township problem now, and so our administration is brainstorming different ideas.”